Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Peruvian Food

It's all about the potato, closely followed by rice and meat.. it's a carb fest! At home, we have dinner at 2pm, which is always soup, followed by a main, and then fruit. The soup always has meat and rice, pototoes or pasta in it and then we have more meat, rice and potatoes in our main course. The food is always really nice but there is such a lot of it! After 5 weeks, my Peruvian mum asked me if I was a vegetarian because I don´t eat much meat, I try to explain it´s because there´s such a lot on my plate that I don´t eat it all, but she always decides I don´t like the dish.

My favourite Peruvian dish and a very popular one is ceviche, which is raw seafood marinated in lime juice, onions and chili peppers, served with Choclo (a type of corn) and sweet potato. There are hundreds of types of potato here and they have a thousand ways of cooking it. Roast guinea pig is popular here too, but I have yet to try it. There is a strong Asian culinary influence here, with a lot of Chinese style cooking and lots of Chiefa restaurants everywhere. (Chinese style Peruvian food. I´m going to try an Alcapaca burger this week before I leave.
Pisco sour is the national beverage, a grape brandy , which is similar to a margarita, I tried it in Lima but didn't like it very much.
Inka Kola is a bright yellow fizzy drink, which all the locals love, I have had it several times but wouldn't want to drink it too often in case my teeth turn the same colour!

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