Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Great Ocean Road

From Adelaide I headed to Melbourne along The Great Ocean Road. We drove for about 8 hours to reach The Grampians National Park, where we did the Hollow Mountain hike, a 1.2km hike which was more of a rock climb than a hike. It was so steep but the view from the top was fantastic. Afterwards we went to Mackenzie Falls, named after the first prime minister of Australia. About 200 steps led down to the falls which was fun climbing back up after all the hiking I had done over the last 6 days, my legs were aching! The following day we headed for another hike in the Grampians, this time called 'The Pinnacle'. As you can guess it was another steep hill and more amazing views. Our first stop on the Great Ocean Road was 'The Bay of Islands', which was really beautiful, then the 'Bay of Martyrs, London Bridge (although part of it had fell down!), and then the Gibson steps to viw one of the twelve apostles. After dinner we headed back to 'The Twelve Apostles'- although there are only 8, as two of them fell into the sea twenty years ago and there weren't 12 in the first place! We watched the sunset over the apostles which was beautiful. The following day we took a treetop canopy walk at Otway fly in the rainforest. The drive along the great ocean road is gorgeous, the majority of the road is right by the ocean and quite twisty, it winds round the mountains, unlike most of the roads in Australia which are very straight. We stopped for lunch and koala spotting which we did see a couple high up in the trees. We then went to Bells beach for a spot of sunbathing, before making our last stop at Torquay, the home of surfing brand, Ripcurl. We reached Melbourne about 6pm and although we were all tired, decided to go to 'Neighbours night' at a pub in St Kilda, it had to be done! It was a fun night, there was a quiz and then Dr Karl's band played, and there was even an appearance from Paul Robinson. I had my photos taken with Karl, Stingray and some guy who I had no idea, but i think it was Paul Robinson's son. I haven't watched Neighbours for a very long time, but the place was packed with Brits, so it must still be popular!?

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