Friday, 24 September 2010

Magnetic Island & Mission Beach

Magnetic Island, just a 20 minute ferry ride from Townsville was really beautiful. Our backpackers was right on the beach, more of a resort than a hostel. The weather was so hot so we headed straight for the beach on arrival. The following day we caught the bus to Florence Bay, on the north east coast which we were told was a good snorkelling spot. After wandering round the wrong track for an hour, we did the Fort walk by accident, (a walk round the headland to view all the gunning points from the war), we eventually found the beach, however the snorkelling was a little disappointing as the water wasn't very clear. We were glad we wore stinger suits as we saw a few jelly dish, the box jelly fish causes more deaths in Australia each year than anything else. We did see some wobbygongs and other small fish though.

It was really hot and humid walking to Florence Bay so we decided to hitch a lift back to our hostel and a couple picked us up who were going there for lunch with their grandson, what luck!

After 3 days on Magnetic Island we left for Mission Beach. We were planning to do our sky dive there, however the weather had turned cloudy and wet. We went for a Rainforest walk instead, however after trekking for half an hour into the rainforest, and then through a creek, the track got really boggy, Gabriela lost her flip flop in the mud and mud splattered all over her face and arms, I thought it was hilarious but for some reason Gabriela didn't see the funny side! I struggled through the mud too and then we realised the track got even muddier, the walk was supposed to take 3 hours and Gabriela was getting bitten quite badly so we turned back. A really disappoining walk!

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