Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Skydive at Mission Beach

We ended up travelling up to Cairns a day early because the weather was so bad and then going back to Mission Beach a couple of days later for my skydive as I really wanted to land on Mission Beach. I felt a little nervous on the bus ride to Mission Beach but also really excited. There was a lot of hanging around as there were 18 of us doing our skydive. I started to feel even more nrevous, then all of sudden my name was called and having missed the safety briefing (isn't that important!?) I was strapped up ready to go. It was a 20 minute plane ride on the smallest plane I have ever been on to climb up to 14,000 feet. My instructor Mike gave me some last minute tips on the plane and then it was finally my turn to jump. There wasn't time to think about it, we were free falling through the clouds.... It was totally exhilarating and I loved every minute of it. After 60 seconds the parachute opened and then I had a go at steering us down to the beach. We went through quite a lot of cloud and then I could see the ocean, Dunk Island, sugar cane fields and the beach, an absolutely beautiful view. We landed on the beach on my feet! Awesome!
Gabriela and I watched my dvd back in the skydive centre, that Mike had recorded on a handicam, he did a fantastic job and I'm looking forward to showing you all when I get home. I would really love to do another jump....maybe New Zealand?!

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