Friday, 16 April 2010

My homestay in Cusco, Peru

I was picked up from Cusco airport by Juan Ochoa who is my homestay host. He is really lovely, his wife Teresa is very sweet too, and they made me feel at home straight away, as soon as I walked in they sat me down at the dining table to drink mate de coca, which is a herbal tea that is supposed to help altitude sickness. Then they insisted I go to sleep for 3 hours. When I got up at 7pm my dinner was waiting for me, what service!

Their daughter Roxanna also lives with them and does most of the cooking.
Roxanna´s daughter, Karina and her 6 year old daughter, Jasmine, are also around alot so it´s a real houseful. It´s more of a homestay than a guesthouse, as although my room is in a different part of the house, we use their main lounge and dining room to eat and watch t.v. Breakfast is waiting on the table most mornings, usually bread and marmalade and fruit. Dinner is at 2pm after school every day, 3 courses, soup, main and then fruit.

There is another i-to-i volunteer staying there too, we are both teaching English at the same school nearby, her name is Haya and she is from Jordan, although English isn´t her first language, it´s very good as she lived in London for 3 years as a student.

Quite often we all sit down and eat dinner together, and I have been surprised this week that I understood some of the conversation in Castellano. It will be good to practise and improve my Castellano, as none of the family speak English so I have to find the words to communicate with them. Unfortuantely Peruvian Castellano is slightly different from Argentinian Castellano, so I am having to relearn some pronounciation.

Juan and Teresa can´t do enough for you, so I think I will thoroughly enjoy my stay with them.

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