Saturday, 17 April 2010

Señora De Fatima School, Wanchaq, Cusco

My school is only a 10 minute walk from my house, in the district of Wanchaq, Cusco.
I actually have a timetable for school and it´s Monday to Friday...5 days a week, what a shock to the system after my 2 or 3 days in Argentina. My hours are either 8.15am to 1.15pm or 9.45am to 1.15pm, so I still have most of my afternoons free. The English teacher isn´t fluent in English but much better than the Argentinian teachers and she has no problem understanding me, so I think it´s going to be a good experience. We have 6 grades, 2 classes per grade, from 5 to 11 years, but they´re all at the same basic level of English, so we teach the same things to each grade more or less. They´re are 40 children in a class so discipline is a big issue, even with 3 of us, myself, Haya, the other volunteer, and Margarita, the English teacher, it´s hard to keep control. The children behave in a similar way to the Argentinian children, they get up, wander about and chat to their mates, with little interference from the teachers. The children are very affectionate and at beginning of classes and at breaktime always come and kiss you to say hello.

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