Sunday, 29 August 2010


Next stop Brisbane. It has a similar feel to it as Sydney except on a smaller scale. It has some strange architecture though, old cathedrals against a backdrop of glass skyscraper office buildings. We walked along the promenade next to the river to Chinatown, the promenade has lots of posh bars, cafes and restaurants which being poor backpackers we just glanced in the windows wistfully...
We visited Lone Pine Koala sanctuary the following day just a 45 minute bus ride out of Brisbane. They had lots of koalas as you would expect but also kangaroos, crocodiles, and wombats. We were able to feed the kangaroos as they roamed around their enclosure, they took the pellets right out of your hand. I had my photo taken cuddling a koala which was great, they have such soft fur, and are so cute. I'm bringing one home as a pet!

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