Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Coffs Harbour to Byron Bay

I left Sydney on the Oz Experience Bus, which will take me all the way to Cairns and I can hop on/hop off for however long I want on the way. I met Gabriela from Holland on the bus and we are travelling up the coast in the same time frame so have decided to travel together which is good. First stop Coffs Harbour, a really nice small town with a lovely beach. We walked along Coffs Creek walk, the jetty, Mutton Bird Island, and then round the Botanical Gardens, not on such a big scale as Sydney but still really nice.
We had a surf lesson at Spot X surf camp. I found it really difficult to stand up and don't think it will be a hobby I will be pursuing.

After two days, we then moved on to Byron Bay. Byron Bay is a great beach town with beautiful white sandy beaches, my days are spent sunbathing at the beach and walking along the coastal paths. There is a path to the lighthouse, which is at the most easterly point of Australia. We spotted whales from there, which are currently migrating south back to Antartica, we were so lucky.

After a really restful 12 days in Byron Bay we were ready to move on to Brisbane.

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