Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Argentinian Food

We have a home cooked meal every night at our guesthouse so I haven´t eaten out that much, however it is very cheap here, in Buenos Aires I had a pasta dish in a nice restaurant for about 4 pounds.

The Argentinian´s love their meat, if Jenny wasn´t a vegetarian, nearly every meal we have here would be meat based. We mainly have meals based around pasta, rice, and meat, with more unusual vegetable dishes, such as pickled cucumber, pickled cabbage or veg mixed with egg....all very nice. Their other passion is dulce de leche, a kind of caramel, very sweet, sticky spread, it goes with everything... on toast, bread,in pancakes, as a topping for desserts. I had an dulce de leche flavoured ice cream at the weekend which was gorgeous. There are bakery shops everywhere with a great selection of pastries and cakes, I pass a couple on the way to and from school so I have to walk past quickly otherwise I would be buying something all the time....yum yum.

Drinking Mate is very popular here, it seems to be the main past time.... Mate- pronounced ma-te is made from herby leaves from an evergreen tree, the leaves are dry roasted over a fire, coarsely ground, then left to mature in dry sheds for nine months to a year, it is drunk out of a vessel also called a mate, with a metal straw. It can be drunk hot or cold, lots of Argentinian´s go to work with their Mate and a flask of hot water. The leaves are in the bottom of the vessel which gets topped up with hot water. I tried it in the staffrooom at school, it was cold and had orange added to it, so it was quite sweet, I thought this sweet version was nice.

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