Saturday, 13 March 2010

Power nightclub

Power is one of the largest night clubs in Argentina, it has 12 different dance floors/rooms, not sure why it is in Posadas...
We got there about 1am, after having a few drinks round ours first. Marcelo is the man, he got us all in the side entrance for free. I ordered a beer which came in a massive plastic beer jug, for only 10 pesos- about 1.60.
The Argentinian girls like to get dressed up and go all out, the lads don´t really make much effort. As Argentina is famous for the Tango we were expecting the locals to be really good dancers, but it was like any nightclub in England, people just bopping about a bit, so I felt at home....
We had a wander round each different room, it was really cool, there was a chill out room, with large squashy chairs, each room had a different feel to it. In the chill out room, there was a show where about 6 girls paraded up and down in bra and thong, we weren´t quite sure the reason why, but the boys enjoyed it...disappointed that there wasn´t a show with men in thongs but then sexism is alive and well here, so would be too much to expect.
Marcelo loves champagne,and passed it round to all of us. I had a really good night and got home at haven´t done that for a very long time...
Last Saturday was ladies night at Power, the girls get in for free after 1am, so all the girls queue up outside, while the guys pay to go in first, then at 1am, all the girls walk in and the men have took up an advantageous position to watch.
Marcelo is a party animal he goes out Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights every week, so expect will be going out quite a bit while I am here. Reminds me of my misspent youth...

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  1. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time Karla! You'll be able to drink anybody under the table by the time you leave Posadas. Hope the locals in Cuzco get some practice in!
    Take care