Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Iguazu Falls

Patricia, Tim and I went to Iguazu falls at the weekend. Puerto Iguazu is about 4.5 hours away by bus, as expected the bus was late, by about an hour, so we arrived in Puerto Iguazu late afternoon. Our hostel was in a good location, just across the road from the bus station. We got up early Sunday morning to take the bus to the falls. Iguazu falls is really well laid out, there are 3 trails, upper, lower and devil´s throat. We took the upper circuit first, it was absolutely breathtaking, looking down on the falls was amazing. The lower trail was even better, with the best view of all of the falls. One walkway took you very close to the drop of the fall and we got absolutely soaked. The falls are so powerful that there is always a mist, so you cannot see the water hitting the river. We then took the train to the ´Devils throat´. A series of walkways span the river for about a mile, the end of which is where the water is tumbling over on 3 sides, creating loads of spray, so we got soaked again... Iguazu falls is absolutely awesome, it´s the highlight of Argentina for me. The bus was late again coming home the next day, we left about half an hour late, and then got held up twice, about an hour and a half both times, not sure the reasons why as we couldn´t understand the bus driver, possibly some sort of protest. So we spent 7 hours on the bus coming home, which was incredibly boring, however I didn´t care as we´d had such a good weekend.

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