Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Orientation day

Walked into Posadas city centre with Jenny as our orientation meeting isn´t until 4.30pm. Posadas is really nice, it has a very nice main plaza with lots of leafy trees to sit under. We went to the Paraguay market as we had been told it was a cheap place to buy shoes and clothes. Our attempts at Spanish were met with amusement by the locals but Jenny did manage to buy trainers and a t-shirt.

At the orientation, we met two other new volunteers, Lindsey, an American who will be working with Jenny at the animal rehabilitation centre, and Patricia, a fellow Englishman, who is working at the orphanage, with Mitzu. The main place of interest to visit is Iguazu falls, which I will probably visit the last weekend of March as we all have the Monday off work, so have 3 days to do it in, as it is a 6 hour bus journey....

I found out I will be working with the English teacher, and Veronica will take me on my first day, so I am not as worried as I was. It is in walking distance from my house so I will probably do that, to make sure I get some exercise while I am here.

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