Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Costanera

Took a leaf out of the locals book, by walking along the Costanera Sunday afternoon. There isn´t much else to do as absolutely everywhere is shut on a Sunday.

The Rio Parana separates Argentina from Paraguay, and the Costanera is what the locals call their side of the shoreline. It looks like it has had alot money spent on it and has been done up really well. There were people fishing along it, which sounds fine, until we realised that all the waste water from the houses in Posadas runs straight into this river, as there were lots of plastic bags etc in the water. All the waste water from every house runs straight into the gulley at the side of the road, when you walk along there is an unpleasant smell and I am very careful not to step in the water...gross...

The locals pull up in their cars, get out the fold up chairs and mate, the national drink of Argentina, a bit like a herbal tea...then sit along the promenade watching the world go by. There are also joggers, cyclists and walkers, it´s the place to be seen exercising.

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