Thursday, 18 March 2010

T.S Eliot Institute

As I am only doing two days week at the public school, Veronica has a friend who teaches English at a private school in the city centre, so I am joining her English classes on a Monday and Thursday morning. It is a completely different experience to the public school, there are only 6-8 pupils in the class so the pupils get alot more of the teachers time. Caralina speaks fluent english unlike the teachers at the public school, they do not understand me when I ask simple questions like ´what are the pupils studying next week?´, so I am struggling to prepare for lessons.
I got involved with the pupils from the start of the lesson, asking questions about age, name and favourite colour so it was a good start. They thought it was funny when I called the register and couldn´t pronounce some of their names. They also think it is amusing that I can´t speak Spanish, nice to be a source of amusement...something I am having to get used to...I didn´t appreciate how difficult it would be to teach English with very little knowledge of the local language...bit naive of me perhaps... I am still taking Spanish lessons so hopefully my Spanish will improve while I am here.

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